When couples see themselves at the doorstep of the greatest challenge of their lives, raising a baby, they face several challenges that they will have to endure for years. Among these challenges is the challenge of teaching babies good sleeping habits which, if they do not apply in a rigorous and constant way can end up meaning long nights of crying and insomnia, both of babies and dads.

In this opportunity we will attend some tips to make this challenge very easy to carry.

Remember that the bedding used by the baby should be of good quality and the texture should be soft, both the bottom sheet, the pillow, the pillowcase or quilt that he will use.

It is recommended that the baby is dressed to sleep, especially considering that many are uncovered while asleep, which can cause them to cool at night and get sick or suffer accidents that stain the sheets or mattress cover.

We recommend that the baby from a very early age have marked the schedules of their meals, this way it will get used to that at night you can not be eating every 5 minutes, besides it is good idea to give your last food before 22 hours , after this time the baby could suffer some digestive disorders that cause discomfort and may lead to an accident that, in addition to dirtying him, will cause very difficult spots to remove from the pillowcase or other affected bedding.

It is advisable not to cradle the baby in your arms, in this way a habit will be generated in the baby that will then be totally stressful for the parents, who will not be able to detach it from this habit before achieving sleep.

It is well known that by habit or dream when a baby cries at night the first idea is to take him to bed with parents, he must sleep in his own bed with his own accessories or even some toy of his liking, it is understandable that these efforts at the first attempt do not seem to work, but eventually the baby will get used to the rules and also get you to sleep all night without waking up several times between dreams.